• 280 exercises with animations and step by step instructions. You can add your own exercises.
  • Pictures, text and youtube clips can be attached to any exercise.
  • 52 workout routines. You can add your own routines.
  • Flexible tracking system for strength and cardio workouts. Supersets and drop-sets are supported. Track variables that you care about. Log a routine or any exercise. Edit/move/duplicate/delete your log records.
  • The workout logging screen is very thought-through. Everything can be done with minimal efforts, and you can do a lot on this screen, from just recording your weight x reps to starting a timer to copying data from history. You can even enter a new custom exercise with pictures in the middle of your workout.
  • Bodyweight and assisted-weight exercises automatically use your body weight or a part of it, and you can record an additional weight.
  • GymGoal automatically calculates 1RM from your log, but you can also track your actual 1RM for every exercise.
  • Workout history by muscle shows muscles that you neglect. Professional volume load and training intensities tracking. Many other professional features.
  • Weekly or rotating workout scheduling.
  • Body measurements tracking plus additional custom trackers.
  • One-rep Max, BMI, BMR, Body Fat Percentage, TDEE, Target Heart Rate calculators and progress tracking.
  • Three timers.
  • You don't need an Internet connection - everything is stored on your device.
  • Ability to back up your data to the server (free), or to email it. You can copy your data between iPhones and other supported devices.
  • Workout logs, measurements, routines and the schedule can be emailed for review and printing.
  • Compare your results to other GymGoal users.
  • 3 user accounts and an option to have 30 accounts.


GymGoal can be your best workout buddy.

Simply choose a body part, tap on an exercise, and you are presented with pictures, animations, step by step instructions and performance tips. You can also search by name, equipment type, movement type, difficulty level, or a combination of all above. If you don't see an exercise you like, just add your own.

GymGoal explains how to train for muscle size, strength or fat loss. You can also learn about different protein supplements.

Do you want to change your workout routine, or you don't have one yet? We have included several carefully designed routines that are adjusted to four levels of expertise and three different types of equipment. You can further adjust these routines, or add your own.


The best available workout tracking system.

The GymGoal workout tracking system is very flexible and powerful. You can log separate exercises or routines. You can mix cardio and resistance exercises, supersets are also supported. You can edit your past logs and move or duplicate them to different dates. You can enter reminders and notes, and reuse your past notes.

GymGoal has 3 timers that can be used to to limit your rest between sets, or to track your cardio session.

In GymGoal nothing is set in stone. When you perform your routine, you can skip, add or replace exercises. When you replace an exercise, GymGoal suggests you a list of alternatives, but you can chose any exercise you want, or even enter your own one. All this can be easily done while you are working out in the gym.

You can review your workout on any date in the past, and you can track your progress for any exercise. Tables and graphs show your progress for many parameters like One-rep Max, total weight lifted, time, distance, heart rate, and more. Body map in the workout history helps you to find muscles that you neglect.


Body Measurements and Fitness Calculators.

If your goal is increasing your muscles or slimming, measuring your body is the only accurate way to track your progress.

You can record measurements from both sides of your body, and track them separately or just track the average value.

Additional custom fields allow you to track anything you want (Weight Watcher points, calories consumed, blood pressure and so on).

GymGoal also gives you several fitness calculators and trackers: BMI, BMR, TDEE, Body Fat Percentage, Target Heart Rate and One Rep Max.



All data is stored locally on your device. You don't need the Internet to use the app.

You can send your logs, routines and the schedule to any email address.

You can backup all your data to our server. If anything happens to your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to restore all your data. This feature is free. You can also use this feature to copy your data to a different device.

GymGoal provides you stability and premium features that are heads above the competition.


Differences from other apps

  • the most comprehensive all-in-one fitness application
  • extremely customizable and expandable
  • easy to use, well-designed interface
  • unparalleled attention to quality and details
  • a continuously upgraded and maintained system


User review from U.S. AppStore

The biggest powerhouse in gym workout tracking ★★★★★

by Clickhapppy - Version - 6.8.5 - May 5, 2014

I can write pages on why this app is the best on the market. They are absolutely true about it’s ability to bring beginners into a real gym with ease while being very bodybuilder focused and able to scale for the most advanced and complex (multiple splits) workouts.

First make a quick account for yourself, it’s simplistic and easy. Then you can put in ALL of your measurements. They have 13 categories and you can add your own custom one as well. They can be entered in imperial or metric, too. I like to measure in cm and read it in inches… so much more accurate.Then your workout. There is a simple way you can put in your existing routines, no matter what regimen you follow. It has a body map to help you discover new exercises for a particular area and you can navigate through their database easy by keywords or through filters. All preset exercises comes with simplistic video instructions, which for me was key to incorporating new exercises in the gym.

And it has a straightforward way of having you record your workouts. It even has a simple ‘superset’ function if you are alternating between two or more exercises at once. It’s fluid and natural to use. You can also make notes per exercise to record any difficulty or ideas during your workout. Most exercises are already in the app but if not, you can add one. This is useful when I go to a different gym and they have the random piece of equipment. You can take a photo from inside the app, mark what muscle groups it works on, and then it functions just like their own preset exercises. Brilliant.

Exercises can be sorted into favorites, or you can make custom groups for whatever you wish. Tracking - this is amazing. You can easily see on the body map what you are working out more, so if you’re unwittingly doing too many exercises in one area but ignoring others, it’s easy to recognize. It also tracks your performance on particular muscles and automatically calculates things such as a ‘1 rep max’ while you’re in the app. And it’s intuitive.

And one of my favorite features is that they have a server to back up your information for long term tracking. I started with this app on a 2nd generation iphone years ago and my history goes back - years! And it will email you your workout when you backup if you want to keep the record, email it to a trainer, or import it into a spreadsheet.And while I haven’t used it, you can also allow other people to download your information if you give permission. I can only imagine this is good for a personal trainer to have access to your information and assist on your workouts.Seriously, this application is one of the best I have ever seen - straightforward, all inclusive, no gimmicks or BS, delivers on being the ideal application for real first time gym-goers to super-serious bodybuilders.

*Disclaimer: this review was not solicited. The reviewer is not associated with SmalTek.

User Reviews

Love this app!

by &:// - Version 7.3.2 - Sep 23, 2014

I upgraded to this after using an older version since 2007. I was able to bring in all history. I make my own workouts but this makes it very easy for either a beginner or advanced to log your workouts. I have it preload in last weight/reps so I know what I have to do or beat this time. So much easier than writing in a log book. You can also back it up to server and send an email to yourself. When someone asks what my workout is I can email straight from my phone while still at the gym.

The Best Standalone Training App by Far

by Fixit please! - Version 7.1.0 - Jun 14, 2014

I've been using GymGoal since 2011 and have found it highly functional, feature rich, and user friendly. I highly recommend it particularly for those whose workouts are anchored in strength training and for those who value data and the ability to track and monitor progress.

The best app for experienced weightlifters & powerlifters

by Smanning76 - Version 7.1.0 - Jun 13, 2014

I've used this app for years and every update just continues to polish a top quality product.Also, the developer is quick to respond to requests. HIGHLY recommend this app!

Best Thing Ever

by TsukiKoori - v.6.8.5 - Apr 27, 2014

I've been using this app for 4-5 years already. From their first GymGoal prior to iPhone 5, nothing beats it. I download other apps as well for comparison as well as to see what else is out there. I'm working out almost everyday 5-6 days from cardio to weight lift. This app is the best! Plan for a week to months - if need be. Been keeping an awesome record of what to do next and an old record of previously completed workouts. It takes a bit to get into the app, but once you understand it, you know the creator actually spends a good time thinking about how it works. I'm sure the way that this thing is set up, the creator did a lot of research or gym themselves. Keep up the awesome stuff!

Best Gym App in the App Store

by Kerwin15 - v.6.6.0 - Feb 7, 2012

Really! It scales to be as simple or complicated as you need. Great built in work outs but also easy to set up your own. I've used a lot of the gym apps and this is my favorite.

Great app

by D King - v.6.6.0 - Jan 31, 2012

Have used it since 6/2011 and they keep updating it with good features. I especially like the flexibility of creating your own routines and exercises. Just learned how to share routines and exercises with others and that's a cool feature. Also tech support has been great the few times I've asked for it.

Essential gym app

by owenthomas - Version 6.5.2 - Jan 20, 2012

No fancy social features. No trendy exercise fads. Just a stable implementation of the basics that no other fitness app can seem to manage.

Hands Down

by Ogre20 - v.6.6.0 - Jan 21, 2012

I never write reviews, but for this app I just have to because I love it. It is great for my custom workouts and the back up option is great as well. If I forget my iPad no big deal I can still pull all the information to my iPhone. I am currently using this app to do my new program called Big Beyond Believe and this app allows me to plug in all the information the way it is laid out and away I go. Hands down the best gym app.


by freepurple - v.6.5.2 - Jan 5, 2012

I have never provided a rating for an app but was compelled to rate this app. I'm a application developer and understand the complexity in providing an app that cover the range of fitness objectives. While it may appear simple it is an incredibly complex undertaking. These guys have nailed it! It took me about 30 minutes to test all the features and understand the app can appear complex at first but if you stay with it you will be handsomely rewarded! It was either $100 or more for the P90x app or find something else. (Yes the P90x app is 4.99 but look further and you will need to spend an additional $7/workout). Glad I looked further!