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GymGoal is a premium workout helper. Extensive animated exercise database, workout scheduling, progress tracking, tracking measurements, professional features - GymGoal has it all.

This is the most powerful, expandable and adjustable fitness/bodybuilding/workout app.

GymGoal was featured in The New York Times, Consumer Reports, The Daily.


You can depend on GymGoal

  • GymGoal is used by over a million people, from beginners to pro bodybuilders to trainers.
  • GymGoal is in the App Store since 2008. It will not disappear like some other workout apps.
  • A good workout app will serve you for many years. Some apps are very easy to use, but you soon realize that they are very limited and useless for you. GymGoal is the most powerful, flexible and professional workout app.

If you are a seasoned gym goer or a pro, look no further! GymGoal is used by many pros and trainers. You will not find another app that supports all features like supersets and drop-sets, split routines, rotating schedule, editable history, super-flexible workout logging with ability to copy from the history and even create custom exercises on the fly, exercise load and intensities tracking, and much more. We provide free server backup, so that you never loose your data. All your data can be emailed to your computer, where you can further analyze it.

If you are a beginner, GymGoal will organize your workouts and teach you how to work out for strength, muscle size or weight loss.

GymGoal is easy to use and intuitive, however it is not the simplest and easiest app. GymGoal may be more complex than some other workout apps, but that's because it's so powerful and flexible. Explore the features, and soon you will realize that learning GymGoal is an investment well worth the effort!

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User review from U.S. AppStore

I tried most of the weightlifting/workout apps and this one is by far the most feature rich! ★★★★★

by Scott_Baldwin - Version - 7.5.8 - Nov 22, 2014

Overall I feel GymGoal is the best app available to plan and track your fitness sessions. Its main focus is weightlifting planning and tracking but is great for tracking cardio and body measurement-related items too. This app does have a small learning curve compared to some of the other similar apps but that is only because it is packed with so many more features compared to the other similar apps. If you get this app and spend 10 minutes getting familiar with it (built in help files and links to how-to videos linked in the app) you will be much happier with this app over some of the others that might look slicker at first glance or boast having 1000s of built-in exercises.

Over a two week period I downloaded and tried almost every app out there for weightlifting. Many of those apps had some unique must-have feature or did something better than the others but none of them seem to do almost everything I wanted. That was until I tried GymGoal. Before finding GymGoal I had narrowed my choice down to two others. I sent those developers a list of feature requests. Ironically, once I found GymGoal I realized it had all the features of the other two apps along with everything I had on my feature request lists to them!

This app lets you pick existing exercises or you can create new ones and put them into a "routine". The routine mainly consists of the exercises and for each one of them: number of sets, reps, weights, and rest time. You can also attach reminders/notes to the routine and/or to individual exercise sets. The routine is the workout template you follow. Think of it as a printed sheet with all that info, and when in the gym for each exercise if you follow the printout exactly you just check it off and move to the next but if your planned number of reps or weights are different than on the sheet you write that down along with any notes you want to save. Same concept here. None of the other apps have the ability to have all of that in their version of a routine. When you do a routine it will guide you through the workout by showing you the aforementioned information—there is more you can add too, like mark a set as a warmup set, drop set, etc. It is easy to change the reps, weights, or other info mid-routine. Changing the info mid-routine will not modify the routine, it just modifies the exercises logged for that session. As you follow the routine any unmodified sets will get logged with the info from the routine (sets, reps, rest,etc). I like that because during the workout you only have to enter data if it is different than what was planned in the routine!

You can use one of the great built-in routines or create you own. The next optional but effective step is to add one or more routines to the configurable recurring schedule. I love that feature because at a glance I can see what workouts I need to do on what days. All of that helps add structure to your workouts creating a true fitness plan that you can follow and measure your progress!!!

This app does not have 4000 built in exercises but it has a lot and covers all the common ones. One big strength of this app is that it was the best at creating new exercises. You can fully duplicate existing built-in apps or create your own. You can add a lot of text to a new exercise, multiple pictures, pick what things you want to track (reps, sets, weight, time, Max HR, Avg HR, and more), if it is one weight like a barbell or a dumbbell in each hand—in which case it multiplies the weight times 2 in the metrics. All the apps I looked at let you create custom exercises but every one except this one had some type of annoying limitation/lack of feature—some did not allow you to add a description, others no pictures, etc…

Here are some other features I like about this app: 1-rep max calculator and can calculate percent any percent of 1 rep max easy to do during the workout, fitness tracking including custom fields, notes with time stamps (Main page, Routine, Set), color tag sets with can be used as an example to make what tempo (speed) you should be doing that set, mark sets as warmup so that they don't count in the statistics and reporting, very easy to turn two or more exercises into supersets, tracking progress, can back up everything—very important, you can share data (Workouts as html that anyone could see/print or in GymGoal data format that other people with GymGoal can import, great reporting and tracking progress, body map that show how much you are woking/neglecting each muscle area, the developer quickly responded to e-mails I sent him, timer options, HealthKit integration, allows us to have a structured program and not depend on the trainer, great for tracking cardiovascular workouts, goals option w/short,mid, long-term inputs, exercise - 1 or 2 dumbbells per rep configure option, pictures - multiple and can add comments , configurable sounds for timers, some those that need more guidance the app comes with a bunch of built-in routines—some of them can be done at home if you have just a set of dumbbells.

I don’t write many reviews but felt compelled to here because GymGoal is one of only a handful of apps I have that I can say truly have a meaningful positive impact on my life and fitness.

*Disclaimer: this review was not solicited. The reviewer is not associated with SmalTek.

User Reviews

Best Workout App

by Realricky#1 - Version 7.3.2 - Nov 1, 2014

I'm using Gymgoal for 4yrs, 5 to 6 times a week.. You can see your improvement with all the charts. You can also record up to 4 training a day. I plan my workout over three weeks by alternating a week of drop set, of super set and pyramid set. Best App you can find for serious and amateur bodybuilder. Thanks Gymgoal

Amazingly powerful lifting tracker

by petekazanjy - Version 7.2.0 - Jul 20, 2014

My friend Owen who is an expert at these things recommended this app. I couldn't be happier. Don't be fooled by the somewhat dated aesthetic: GymGoal is an extremely powerful app. It had a fantastic data model, allowing you to create routines to follow in the gym, track your achievement against your routine (how many reps did you do in each set and with how much weight).Everything is extremely intuitive, down to rest timers, the ability have superset routines, and update a routine with your most recent achievement. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and use it every time I go to the gym. I'm looking forward to manipulating the data once I have enough, as well.

Use it 6 times a week

by eCurb52 - Version 7.2.0 - Jul 18, 2014

Excellent app. Covers everything I need for a strength, cardio and Pilates workout. I really like the scheduling and the recommended work outs. And, the information on each strength movement is valuable as a reminder even though I've been working out for years with weights. Because of the flexibility of the application, the setup is a bit tedious. Once setup, however, it's a great way to track your workouts on your phone or tablet.

Greatest Weight Training App Out There

by Smanning76 - Version 7.1.0 - Jun 13, 2014

I've used this app for years and every update just continues to polish a top quality product.Also, the developer is quick to respond to requests. HIGHLY recommend this app!

The best...

by Mike Benis - Version 7.0.0 - May 14, 2014

No silly set programmes, but all the flexibility you need to record and analyse your Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting workouts. The in-app stats purchase is well worth the small extra, taking this app into a class of its own - and believe me, I've tried them all.

Amazing app, and underpriced

by Rac-aus - Version 7.0.0 - May 10, 2014

I thought I just wanted an app to let me track my exercises, weights, and reps. Figured this one may be overkill but gave it a try. I’m loving it! I used one of the preset routines, which has opened me up to some new exercises I wouldn’t have normally done. Yes, there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but it isn’t bad at all. And it’s because the developer really thought of everything — lots of little features that really make a difference. It even shows videos of every single exercise, which are mapped to a picture of a body. Brilliant! Love the weight tracking, including a nice chart. I’ve put on 5 lbs in just 16 days of lifting. (After several years of being out of the gym). After using this for a couple of weeks, I’d easily pay $30 for this app.

Worth 10 stars

by TXGadgetWiz - Version 6.5.2 - Jan 4, 2012

The most important app I own. Even after three months, I'm still finding new features. Every time I find another gem my first thought is, "Isn't that convenient!" This app provides way more than expected. To top it off, the developers are super quick to respond. Easily the best gym app available.


by Bold Life Coach - Version 6.5 - Dec 14, 2011

This app has everything you need to train yourself or others. And as an added bonus, the customer service is fast and top notch! My only suggestion is that you create a true "trainer version" that allows trainers with 20+ clients to have up to 50 accounts. I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for that. But the app itself it the best one on the market.

*Comment: up to 50 accounts added in 2012.